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Fic: Shared Moments (PG-13)

Shared Moments
Chapter 1</p>


Ralph had gotten the note for him to meet Vanellope in the Diet Cola Mountains. As he entered the cave, lots of things went through his head. Vanellope had been acting strangely towards him lately, and maybe just maybe he would find out why thats been. 


As he sat down in the area where Vanellope was when she slept, he looked around for her, but when he saw no one, he decided to wait on her.


He looked at all the pictures that had been taken over the years. He saw that most were of him and her together, some were of Vanellope with Rancis from her mid-teen years when they were dating. and some were from her races.


Ralph was shocked  about how much Vanellope had grown up over the years. She was to be 21 in a few months, and it means that she would be leaving Sugar Rush after her 21st birthday. Ralph  wondered where she would go after she left.


Just then, he heard footsteps, and then the door to the cave opened. In strolled Vanellope, wearing her usual new look, which consisted of a light blue tanktop, her brown mini skirt, and a short green hoodie, which she left unzipped for some reason, and it drove Ralph nuts all the time when she did that cause he couldnt take his eyes off her body no matter how hard he tried.


He smiled at her "Well hello there sweetheart. I've been waiting here for a few moments already." he said in a deep voice.


Vanellope fluttered her eyelashes at Ralph, and smiled back sweetly. "I'm so sorry, I went for a walk and lost track of time." she told him, taking off her hoodie and hanging it up by her bed.


Ralph nodded and smiled "You always did just love to wander around aimlessly." he said, as his eyes wandered every curve of her hips.


Vanellope came up to Ralph and climbed on top of him, scaling his massive chest in order to get near his face. "But I always find my way home...no matter what." she whispered.


Ralph smiled, and took a hold of her gently, running his hands up and down her side. "Hmmm well I would've waited forever for you." he sighed.


Vanellope closed her eyes as she felt Ralph caress her hips. She let out a soft moan "Ralph... what are you doing to me?" she sighed, moaning a bit louder.


Ralph wrapped his arms around her suddenly whispered to her "I'm gonna confess something to you, Vanellope." he said.


Vanellope looked shocked, her eyes locked with his eyes. "What is it, Ralph?" she asked with a smile.


Ralph cupped her face "I am getting these feelings...feelings that I never thought I could have. Feelings for you. I...I am in love with you." he said to her.


Vanellope then leaned in and kissed Ralph on his lips, giving him a passionate kiss. When she broke the kiss, she stared into her best friend's large eyes. "I love you too Ralph." she said, lowering her eyes into a seductive stare.


Ralph looked shocked a bit, mostly because he never had expected Vanellope to reciprocate his feelings back to him. "Vanellope...I..." he started, but she silenced him.


Vanellope sighed "Don't say anything babe. I know..cause I feel the same way about you." she said.

Ralph couldn't help but kiss her back, holding her to him with one of his massive hands. "I love you so much." he said.

Vanellope smiled as she cuddled into his chest. "I love you too, Ralph." she whispered a bit in his ear.

Ralph then held her as he felt Vanellope fall asleep on top of him. He smiled at her sleeping form. This was gonna be one relationship he was gonna have to get used to.

(The End)

Dark Clouds

Fandom: Wreck It Ralph
Title: Dark Clouds
Author: Rachael Keane
Pairing: Ralph X Vanellope
Rating: R for disturbing imagery and death
Summary: Ralph returns for the funeral of an old friend. Author's Note: Vanellope is about 17 here.




Ralph's VO


Well I don't even know where to begin...I've never known anyone who died and then couldn't come back to life...But now she was taking a train from Game Central Station to the saddest occasion ever...a funeral for a best friend.


As I rode the train to the funeral, I buried my head in my hands and for the first time in my life, I began to cry a little bit. This funeral shouldn't even be happening in the first place.


I remember the day I discovered that my best friend died. I was walking through GCS, and everyone was reading the newspaper.


Curiously enough, I went to the vendor, and I bought a paper. I read through it, and suddenly I stopped cold at a headline that totally blew my mind.


The headlint simply read "Sugar Rush Racer Dies in Racing Accident". Now I read the article, but my head almost exploded. The picture was of Vanellope Von Schweetz, my best friend ever besides Felix.


I dropped the newspaper suddenly, and shook my head disbelievingly. *This couldn't be happening, not sweet little Vanellope.* I thought to myself.


But lo and behold, there was my sweet Vanellope's picture, with a caption that read.


"Vanellope Von Schweetz, 17, was found dead when her go-kart crashed during a random roster race in Sugar Rush on Tuesday night." the caption read.


My heart sank to my feet almost. She looked so different to me. Her outfit was the same, just a slimmer, sexier version of it. Her long black hair was down with a few bits of candy still stuck in it.


Proof that Vanellope can't drive lol....


First she puts it in reverse and runs Ralph down from behind her...

Then she does the ultimate... When he's back in front of her...She runs him down going Forward!


Fic: Comfort In Your Arms

Fandom: Austin & Ally
Title: Comfort In Your Arms
Author: Rachael Keane
Pairing: Dez/Trish
Rating: PG
Summary: Trish has a bad day while wataching Sonic Boom for Ally... Can someone she's close to pick up the pieces of her lonely heart?

Dez & TrishCollapse )

Fic: Break Down The Walls

Title: Break Down The Walls
Author: Rachael K.
Pairing: Austin/Ally
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Austin finds a very depressed Ally in her practice room. Read to Find Out

Break Down the Walls...Collapse )