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Excerpt from "Little Girl Lost & Found""

Fandom: Bates Motel
Title: Little Girl Lost & Found
Author: Rachael Keane
Pairing: Dylan/OC, Norman/Emma
Rating: R
Summary: A stranded girl on a road trip gets more than she bargained for when she ends up at the Bates Motel.
Juliet's POV

I decided that I have to make the best out of a bad situation, I mean that's the best thing to do right? So here I am, sitting and having a cigarette on the porch outside of my motel room.

Wow how the hell did I ever get into this situation in general? It just took one flat tire to turn my life a bit upside-down...and now I'm stranded out here in the middle of a town called White Bay Pines.

I look over at the neon sign that reads "Bates Motel" and I think to myself the proprietors of this place are screwed up. I'm guessing the woman looked nice enough, but the kid, whom I assumed was her son, was creepy for sneaking up on me like that in the shower.

Just then I heard footsteps walking up the path towards the rooms near where I was. I quietly sat where I was with my eyes on the approaching figure. I was too frozen in shock, scared of who the person might be.

Suddenly, the figure came into the dim light so that I could see who it was. I didn't recognize the boy. But he was adorable, with shaggy-looking blond hair and eyes like the ocean. He reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a cigarette.

"Got a light you can spare?" The boy asked me with a smile as he put the cigarette in his mouth.

My breath was caught in my throat. But I managed to nod my head and pulled out my lighter and handed it to him.

The boy lit his cigarette and then handed me back my lighter and smiled at me as he exhaled his smoke "Sooo... Do you speak? Or are you some kind of a mute?" He asked me, a smirk forming on his lips.

I looked at him and then shook my head and then smiled "I'm sorry, I was in shock a little. I thought you were coming up here to kill me or something like that." I teased with a small laugh.

"Trust me, if I was gonna kill you, you would've dead already, sweetheart." He said, teasingly back to me. He then tilted his head toward the left and glared at me "That's a lovely accent you have by the way... Cajun?" He asked.

I nodded and bit my lip "Nice ear, yeah, I'm from Louisiana... Shreveport to be exact." I explained to him.

He took a drag of his cigarette and then blew out the smoke "So how the hell did you end up all the way out here in Oregon if I may ask?" He inquired to me.

I sighed and took a drag of my own cigarette "Well I was on my way to see some places on a lone road trip for the summer from LSU, but I got a flat tire and I can't get a tow truck out here till next week." I said with a laugh.

The boy looked at me and then sat down on the railing in front of me "Why the hell didn't you just say so? I can change your tire for you." He said as he took a drag again.

I smiled "That's nice of you... I'm gonna stay a week here anyway, I need the rest. Been driving non-stop for 2 days, hyping myself on caffeine and other shit to stay up." I explained to him, looking away from his gaze for a split second.

The boy smiled at me "I'll do it anyway, it'll save you like $300 bucks or so." He told me with another sweet smile.

I laughed "Well aint you as sweet as a summer peach cobbler, what's your name anyway, kind stranger?" I asked him.

He jumped off the railing and put his hand out to me "Dylan Massett at your service, ma'am. My mother owns this hotel along with my half-brother." He told me.

I made a face slightly "Hmmmm, your brother and mother own this place? I hope you know that your half-brother is slightly creepy, no offense." I told him with a smirk.

Dylan smiled at me and chuckled as he tossed his cigarette "No offense taken, sweetheart... Why? What did he do to you?" He asked me as he stared hard at me.

I looked away for a split second and then looked back at him as I crossed my left leg at the knee of my right leg "He fucking snuck on me while I was showering just to bring me fresh towels." I explained with a smile.

Dylan laughed "Oh don't worry about it, he can get kinda creepy but he means well, trust me on that." He said, his laugh turning into a hysterical laughter suddenly.

I looked at him and glared at him "now what in the hell is so funny sweetheart?" I asked.

Dylan calmed down a bit and then shook his head "Sorry to laugh, but I rarely see anyone get frightened of Norman. He's a weird kid but he's harmless... unless he's pushed to the limit." He explained.