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Story Summary for "Little Girl Lost & Found"

Nineteen year old Louisiana born college student Juliet Kendall has come all the way from Louisiana for a summer road trip. But while she is driving one night, her car breaks down near the Bates Motel.

Seeing it as a place of sanctuary, she gets out of her car and knocks on the door, Norma answers and Juliet asks if she has any Vacancy in the motel. Norma smiles and tells her that she does have a room for her and gives her a key to a room to do whatever.

Julia is later on showering when she encounters a shadow behind her curtain, she quickly opens it at face-level, and sees that its Norman bringing her fresh towels. Julia quickly scolds Norman for sneaking up on her. He quickly apologizes and leaves the room.

Later on, Julia is having a smoke outside of her room when she encounters another boy, who is later identified as Dylan Massett

Once they strike up a conversation, Julia discovers that Dylan's mom and half-brother are the ones who run the motel... Julia is impressed, however still spooked out by the atmosphere of the place.