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Fic: A Patient's Seduction (R)

Justine sat on the terrace of the Jennings-James residence and sighed heavily as she sat on a lounge chair, and looked up into the night sky. She sat and thought of a lot of things.

She had been rendered sleepless that night, cause everytime she closed her eyes, she had a nightmare of her time with her step-father. She could still feel his fingers up and down her body and it sent chills down her spine.

As she was about to close her eyes once more, a voice interrupted her thoughts suddenly.

"Hey, Justine? Why are you still up, sweetie?" The voice asked her.

Justine's blue eyes snapped open, as she turned to see Bennett standing in the terrace doorway, leaning against the door frame with his arms crossed. She sighed, and looked back at the sky.

"I'm sorry, Dr. James.... I couldn't sleep at all. It must be some trauma still, its messing with my head. I had a nightmare." She told him.

Bennett came over to her, and sat down on the edge of the lounge chair near her. "Do you wanna talk about it, sweetheart?" He asked, putting his arm around her shoulder, and pulling her to him.

Justine rested her head on Bennett's shoulder as she spoke up. "I can't close my eyes, cause everytime I do....I see my step-father, his cold steely grey eyes staring at me as he thrusted into me. Everytime, I'm hearing myself begging for him to stop, but he....but he won't...he won't stop!" She said, starting to cry.

Bennett sighed heavily, he had seen this plenty of times before with his other patients, but none of them had trauma like Justine's. As he listened to her cry, he jostled her head off his shoulders, and quickly grabbed his face between his hands and looked straight into her eyes.

"Let me tell you something, Justine. You are the first patient I've had to take into my home, and I'm doing it mostly because you are a good friend of Avery's, and I don't wanna have her worry about you every second of the day...So, just believe me when I tell you that you're safe now." Bennett whispered to her, his mouth an inch from hers.

Justine looked up at him, her blue eyes locked with his soft hazel ones. Then with all of her self-control half gone, and her brain still a little cloudy, she leaned in slowly, and planted a kiss on Bennett's lips, kissing him slowly.

Bennett's mind reeled as he felt Justine's lips on his. He had never in his life had any of his teen aged female patients kiss him like this before, or make any kind of advance like that on him before.

He then pulled her off of him, and sighed heavily. "Justine....wait! What....what are you doing, honey?" He asked her, looking slightly confused.

Justine then touched his face "Guys like you are so rare, Dr. James, and I know that you're a married man, and my best friend is your step-daughter, but please...just let me have this." She said.

This time it was Bennett who lost control. He then grabbed Justine around her waist, and pulled her to him as he kissed her back with an equal softness and tender passion.

Justine adjusted herself so that she was sitting in Bennett's lap, her lips never left his. She then grinded him as she removed Bennett's T-shirt. She continued to kiss him longingly, running her hands down his chest.

Bennett didn't know how far Justine was willing to go, so he just kept going. He undid Justine's robe, and kissed her spot between her breasts. Slowly snaking his arms around her waist, and pulling her closer.

Justine sighed as she threw her head back, and moaned softly. "Oh...Dr. James. You feel...so...good." She moaned into his ear, running her tongue along his ear lobe.