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Fic: Gal Friday (PG One Shot)

Fandom: 30 Rock
Title: Gal Friday
Author: Rachael Keane
Rating: PG-13
Scene Type: One-Shot
Scene 1


It was nights like this when Allison looked forward to going home to her nice cozy Loft in the West Village. But at the moment, she was leaving her new job at NBC.


She felt important actually being someone's assistant, and getting paid for it...and her boss Liz was the nicest woman ever, a lot of people were.


She met the head boss, Jack Donaghy..She thought he was a protentious asshole to her, but she was willing to kiss the ass of the man who signed her paychecks.


Then she met the famous Jenna Maroney, the former host of The Girlie Show. Allison totally fangirled in front of her since she used to watch her all the time.


But the person she was happiest to meet today besides Jenna...was Kenneth Parcell.  Allison suddenly smiled at the thought of when she had met him for those few moments he was in Liz's office.


Allison thought he was so sweet to her. But when Kenneth had shaken her hand earlier that day, it felt like she had a million volts of electricity had gone through her body.


Suddenly her phone had vibrated in her pocket, while trying to answer the incoming text message, Allison was reading it when suddenly, she tripped on the carpet, but for some reason, she didn't hit the floor.


"Its okay... I've got you." A voice said, whispering in her ear.


Allison began to cry suddenly, she looked at her shoe, seeing that the heel had broken. "Oh fricking great." she said to herself.


The person who had caught her laid her down on the floor gently. Allison saw that her savior was Kenneth. Her vision went unblurred as she got a clearer look at the cute southern man.


"Hmmmm Kenneth? Is that you?" Allison said with a smile, rubbing her ankle and wiping her tears.


Kenneth nodded and smiled "Yes, angel. It's me. Ummm you look hurt.  Your heel of your shoe broke, and you seem to have twisted your ankle. I think you might have to go to the hospital." he explained.


Allison continued to cry a bit more as she rubbed her ankle. "My God it hurts so much." she said, moaning in pain.


Kenneth suddenly looked at her, his blue eyes sparkling as he hugged her. "Oh now don't cry angel. I will call you a cab and take you to the hospital myself." he said to her.


Allison looked up, and she was at a loss for words. She had never met a nice, sweet, caring guy like Kenneth in her whole life. "Oh I can't ask you that sweetie." she said.


Kenneth smiled as he got off the phone. He then proceeded to scoop Allison off the floor, picking her up bridal style. "Come on, angel." he said, taking her to the cab outside the building.


Somewhere between Kenneth getting her into the car, and the ride to the hospital, Allison had passed out.


***Several hours later....***


Allison's eyes fluttered open to the sound of beeping machines. She looked around the room and realized that she was in the hospital. She looked at her leg, only to see that her ankle had a cast on it.


A note written on the hospital stationery sat on her bed.


"Had to go back to work, see you later. Get better, angel. Signed, Kenneth." The short note said.


Allison almost cried when she read the note. *Bless that poor boys heart* she thought to herself. Then she buzzed for the nurse.


A nurse with blonde hair and lovely green eyes walked into the room and smiled "Yes Miss...how can I help you?" she asked.


Allison sighed heavily "There was a man who brought me in...A blonde haired, cheery looking type with a cute face and a cute smile. He had on a NBC blazer. Did he say anything before he left." she asked.


The nurse smiled widely. "Ahhh yes...that man. He was very panicky about you cause you passed out suddenly. He left something for you...its in your nightstand drawer there." she said, gesturing to the drawer.


Allison smiled slightly "Ummm okay...let me say what we have here." she said, opening the nightstand.


She then gasped as a small stuffed NBC peacock with a small old TGS button on it sat in there. She took it out and looked at it. There was a small card attached to it. She opened it and looked at it, and almost busted out in tears when she read it.


"To the most beautiful woman I've ever met...Here are a two of your favorite things. Love, Kenneth." she read aloud in a whisper, covering her mouth as tears flowed from her eyes suddenly.


Allison looked up at the nurse and sighed. "I need to get back to my job...Am I free to be released? Cause if so, call me a cab please." she asked her, tears still flowing.


The nurse nodded as she left the room to call a cab for Allison.


Within an hour or so... Allison was in a cab back to 30 Rockefeller, back to Liz, Jack and Jenna...but most importantly, she was going to confess to the man of her dreams.
Scene 2


Back at NBC, Kenneth was explaining everything to the guys he knew well. Frank, Tracy and the others.


"So you spent 17.50 on a cab right to and from the NYU hospital just to take Liz's new assistant, a girl you just met, because she broke her shoe heel?" Frank asked.


Kenneth shook his head "Ummm no! That's not the case at all. When she broke the heel, she twisted her ankle as well...so I helped her out." he explained.


Tracy rolled his eyes at Kenneth "Kenny my man, are you having feelings for this girl or something? You just met her this morning and for a few minutes according to what Liz told me." he said.


Kenneth sighed as he sat down in a chair "I agree, T. But still...Have you seen her? She's so darn beautiful." he said.


Frank nodded slowly "I saw her walking the halls with Liz today. She's cute, but she looks too pure for my taste." he said.


Meanwhile, as she got off the elevator on her crutches, Allison hobbled over the best she could, carrying the stuffed peacock under her arm, but the TGS button was on her blazer. She then heard the guys talking, so she looked inside to see Kenneth there.


It was right then that she caught Kenneth's eye, and he waved at her a bit with a smile.


The guys quickly turned to see what Kenneth was waving at, and saw Allison standing there, her long curly red hair flowing freely down her shoulders. They all said their hellos to her, and she responded.


Kenneth then approached her to help her walk. "Youre looking a lot better." he said to her with a whisper.


Allison smiled back at him "Thanks to you....Ummm do you think you could ummm take me to the elevator. I got a text saying that Liz wanted me." she told him.


Kenneth just smiled and took her arm and led her to the elevator. He then pushed the button, and when the door opened, he went in with her.


"So are you sure youre doing okay now? The doctor said the only reason you passed out in the cab was because you were in so much pain...I was so worried." he said, a serious look crossing his face as his smile faded.


Allison smiled and then hugged him "Well thanks for caring....and also thanks for the notes and the gifts. I love them." she whispered into his ear.


Kenneth cleared his throat and sighed into her ear "You're very welcome." he whispered back to her, still in the embrace of their hug.


Allison looked at him as she broke the hug "Kenneth, you are one of the most caring, sweetest, kindest man I've ever met." she said, another tear coming down from her eyes.


Kenneth quickly took his handkerchief and dabbed her eyes "Now now, angel. No need to cry. All women should be treated like princesses. Its how I raised." he told her.


Allison smiled through the remainder of her tears. "Thanks so much....I needed that." she said.


Suddenly, Kenneth touched Allison's hand that was on his face, and locks his blue eyes with hers. "Anytime, angel." he said.


Just then, with all of his self-control gone, Kenneth cupped Allison's cheek, and leaned in to touch his lips to hers in a soft kiss.