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Excerpt from "Little Girl Lost & Found""

Fandom: Bates Motel
Title: Little Girl Lost & Found
Author: Rachael Keane
Pairing: Dylan/OC, Norman/Emma
Rating: R
Summary: A stranded girl on a road trip gets more than she bargained for when she ends up at the Bates Motel.
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Story Summary for "Little Girl Lost & Found"

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Fandom: Silverhawks
Title: Goodbye, My Friend
Author: Rachael Keane
Pairing: Various
Rating: T
Summary: Trina witnesses the murder of her best friend. Read to find out more.

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Fic: Anything can happen (6/?)

Fic: Everywhere (PG)

Fandom Fillmore!
Title: Everywhere
Author: Rachael Keane
Pairings: Various (mostly: Fillmore/Ingrid)
Rating: PG
Summary: Hours before her wedding, Ingrid reflects on what led her and Fillmore to this point.

Chapter 1


Chapter 2


Fic: Love Is Unpredictable

Fandom: Wreck It Ralph
Title: Love Is Unpredictable
Author: Rachael Keane
Pairing: Felix/Tamora
Rating: PG-13 for descriptive images
Summary: Felix tells the story of how he found love in the most unexpected place.

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Fic: Lonely No More